Safe and Secure: Having the best social gaming experience possible!
3 min readOct 27, 2022

The internet is a bit of a Wild West sometimes. Anyone can talk to anyone, and anyone can say anything.

A potential problem if you’re playing with gamers you’ve just met!

At, we take this issue seriously…

Our mission is to bring people together through games, (that’s why we’re a social gaming platform!), and in order for everyone to have the best experience possible, we’ve got you covered with your very own Bodyguard!

🛡️ Safety and security for All

With, our number one priority is for people to have fun together. Which means having a safe environment free of the toxicity that too often plagues gaming communities. From abusive language, taunting or mocking other players, sexism, racism and hate speech, from the ground up, our system stops it all in its tracks.

Our number one goal is to ensure that everybody has a good time. So we do not tolerate any kind of hate or toxicity within our space.

So how do we do that? 🧐

🤝 We bring in the best…!

Online toxicity became a technological challenge that requires instantaneous and intelligent moderation, based on the right balance between machine and human. The technology analyzes and understands the context of online discussions, with a cultural and linguistic approach. And good news, this solution is directly plugged into the experience from the very beginning!

Monitoring for toxicity at each stage we have our eye on usernames, game room names, descriptions, and most importantly, room chat.’s AI can even detect harmful speech in long strings of text messages!

One to two word usernames that are offensive? Forget about it!

Hate speech after a game? No deal…

Not only that, as the AI learns and grows it can even recognize toxicity from friendly sarcasm! Thanks to, you are able to protect free speech and avoid any kind of censorship hurting players’ experiences

Plus, thanks to the moderation severity level we have defined with, our platform automatically takes proportionate measures against toxicity as soon as it is detected, meaning instantly!

This is how we prevent users from choosing offensive usernames or writing abusive room descriptions. Our gamers play in safety knowing that any toxic messages posted to game room chats will automatically be censored. We’re serious about taking every step we can to ensure that any communication you receive during play doesn’t contain any hateful or junk content.

🤝 Active Protection on the fly!


As we’re partnering with content creators and influencers, live moderation is even more important in our day and age as it ensures that no offensive content can be broadcast involuntarily from their livestreams. And for streamers, you should know that also provides a free service to anyone who is not using social media for commercial purposes. This free moderation bot is available through the “Bodyguard” mobile app, download it if you need it! and are both on a very exciting journey. With our joint missions to bring people closer together, plugging the contextual and autonomous moderation solution into our social gaming platform has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. It’s taken us one step closer to enabling a safe environment for exciting moments to happen.

Ready to play together? 💜