Piepacker becomes Jam.gg 🎉

2 min readMay 5, 2022


Dear fellow gamers,
As you may have heard, Piepacker is now…
Jam.gg, a social gaming platform for multiplayer couch game enthusiasts & retro lovers, available on desktop and mobile (beta). With more than 2M users worldwide and a complete new revamp of our design, our team felt the need to write a new chapter of our history: we went back to the drawing boards and came up with the following manifesto!

We believe gaming is fundamentally social.

That online play is evolving and can only be enriched by moments shared between players. Moments like when you stare down your friend as you roll that nat-20, or see who’s saying what when the lobby banter is out of control and everyone is in stitches. We believe that head-2-head couch sessions and extra-time clutch goals are just as epic as 360 no-scopes, live-stream fails, and retro classics! We believe that gaming and hanging out go together so strongly that we just had to build the platform for it.

So we made Jam.gg!

Because it’s the memories and friends that are just as good as the games. Whether you’re a piece of flying fruit’s worst nightmare, Dungeon Master, socializer, or inverted-controls bandit, we’re all jamming as one. And since gaming online is better together, our cloud-based model is free for life. We’re building an online playground where anyone can jump in on a game, or join up with a party and meet new friends. So whatever your flavor, there’s no better excuse to play together than our awesome AR filters. Of course, that’s if your 3D VR Prison Officer lets you out for the day… So whether you’re handheld or desktop, D20 or live-streaming, our adventure is just starting. So bring your friends, pick a game and let’s see what happens!

Ready to Jam?