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5 min readOct 7, 2021


Why 🧐

At the heart of’s mission is the creation of a new way to share games with friends and family: a free online place for gamers to play and hangout together, with video cameras, bringing back the golden era of multiplayer couch gaming. In a world of constraining internet connections and paid services, we think differently: we are building a free, “low-tech” friendly platform for everyone to jump in, directly from their browser. Our platform is social by design and packed with fun games curated by our community. We want to create new virtual social spaces that fundamentally diverge from today’s typical social networks, focusing a lot less on appearance and a lot more on experience. We are building a social gaming platform for all gamers who enjoy playing together.

Our startup has been growing very quickly since the end of 2020, attracting more than 40 gaming talents from developers and social media experts to designers. In June 2021, we introduced our cloud gaming beta platform featuring 80+ licensed games, including titles from industry-renowned publishers such as Codemasters, Interplay, Team 17, and Data East. Discovered and supported by Y Combinator (Twitch, Reddit, Stripe, etc), our board of advisors include former SEGA CEO Kenji Matsubara, Zynga co-founders Justin Waldron and Tom Bollich, Crunchyroll’s Kun Gao, and Humble Bundle’s Jeffrey Rosen.

With almost half a million users who have joined us so far, our teams are prepping for our next chapter and are on the lookout for talented and motivated folks who share our passion for gaming and want to make a real impact while embracing a true startup spirit (autonomy, transparency, user centric).

An exhilarating mission to build gaming’s future 🚀

Anyone in the world with an internet connection will soon be able to play together, which opens markets that remain challenging for other cloud gaming companies. So far, our offering focuses on classic and modern retro games that can be played online with friends, from the Neo Geo to Playstation 1 but in the near future, we will expand our catalogue to include board games, card games and party games. Additionally, we have built our own studio team, which has already been releasing amazing games that leverage’s multiplayer functionalities. Check out Arsène Bomber!

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What it means to work for a full remote company 💼

Our guiding concept is Nakama which designates “people whose hearts are united, who do something together, and who have maintained this relationship for a relatively long time.” As we are a fully remote company, high motivation and passion for the project are essential components of success. We work collectively to preserve the gems that defined our childhoods and to share them with our community. We all trust in each other to collaborate and take individual initiatives to work towards one goal: create as much fun as possible!

With that in mind, we’ve built a work environment that takes the best of two worlds: the perks of Silicon Valley’s start-ups and the advantageous French work code. We all work from home and are located all over the world, from the US West Coast to Vietnam, with the core of the team operating from Europe. Team members are fully flexible, manage their own schedule, can travel as they work, with a strong focus on encouraging a healthy work-life balance across the board. Among others, our company is proud to provide all employees with:

  • 💰 Monthly allowances are granted in order to guarantee a comfortable material environment to work from home and to ensure well-being (i.e. coverage for sports, therapy, culture…). Teams are supported to meet physically whenever they want or need.
  • 🏝️ All employees enjoy unlimited paid time off with a mandatory minimum of five weeks leave per year as per French laws.
  • 📈 Tenured employees are offered a stock option plan which deeply ties their interests with the success of the venture.

Our Story 💜

It all started with two French friends, Benjamin and Jules, who’d been working in the US for most of their career. Quickly, their early concept of a new social gaming platform gained the attention of Y combinator and other influential tech investors in silicon valley, helping them to secure their first round of funding. Remember this is all during 2020, just at the onset of the global pandemic: work was organized to be fully remote and people from all over the world started to join the project.

Early on, a team of ex-Google, EA, Blizzard and Twitch employees was assembled, paving the way for rapid growth. Both founders eventually decided to relocate their company to France, proving that innovation and entrepreneurship had its place in their home country. Early on, in order to start building a community, the team launched a Kickstarter campaign that was funded in only 20 hours and remains in the top 1% most successful of all times! Since then, our start-up has secured multiple rounds of funding and is going to keep growing with the support of new long-term investors.

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