Jam.gg in 2023: level-up to be the best online-multiplayer platform for retro gamers

4 min readMar 9, 2023



Jam.gg has always been a retro-gaming platform at heart. Today, we are rekindling with our love for retro gems. 2022 has been a year of many challenges, yet, thanks to all of your feedback, and through hard work and dedication, we now have a brighter future ahead!

Jamgg — The ultimate gaming platform for retro-lovers

Our ambition for 2023? Level up!

Our product mission remains the same since day one:

build the most accessible & comfortable web platform for retro lovers!

To succeed we aim at delivering a whole host of exclusive new features, providing the most convenient, frictionless, instantaneous and fun retro gaming experience!

Retro Lovers, we get your back 😎

  • Looking for a spotless remote gaming experience with your friends? We offer a no-lag, latency-free couch gaming experience!
  • Wanna play the coolest retro games? We keep on bringing the best retro games licenses for you!
  • Searching for a frictionless online emulator to play your ROMs? Drag & Drop your ROM. Play! Easy ;)
  • How about meeting new friends over fun gaming sessions? Your friends are one link away! No one available? Worry not, there are plenty of other retro-lovers on Jam
  • A challenge is what you seek? Street Fighter you say? haha, we heard that before… stay tuned, challenge mode is cooking!

Oh, and many, many other cool stuff are COMING on Jam.gg in 2023!

We worked hard 🫡

We’re happy to transparently share what we worked on and the decisions we took with one objective in mind: improve your gaming experience.

  • Reduced Latency: We improved stability of the platform reducing the latency by more than 20% (that’s huge!). We have optimized our infrastructure in many ways, deployed new servers in new regions of the world and decided to remove cameras, as they were consuming too much GPUs and affecting your gaming performances.
  • Friends List: Add anyone on the platform as a friend. By doing so, you’ll be able to join them in one click when they’re online, and enjoy even more opportunities to play together!
  • BYOG Library: Bring Your Own Game is evolving! From now on, you only need to upload your games once, they’ll stay available on the platform as your own library. This feature is particularly exciting, as it will open up a wealth of options for our users, unlock switching with your own ROMs from your gameroom, and more surprises to come…
  • Optimized UX: New homepage design and search system, 1-click room creation, cleaner game pages, optimized game rooms, platform discovery, improved signup and login flow, additional players up to 8… Jamgg keeps mutating, and we’re not done yet!
  • Avatars: This one is our proposal for replacing cameras without affecting our gaming experience. We’re still in the early days, and will make them 3D soon to allow you to add masks & fun animations to play with. Bear with us and send us feedback as we make progress!

What’s next on our roadmap? 👀

Just ask! Here is a sneak peek into our roadmap:

Control Remapping: That’s the number one feature that our users have asked so far: control remapping. In a few weeks, you’ll be able to remap your keyboards for any of our game. Over time, we’ll expand this to gamepads, and have some exciting enhancements in mind for later.

Other upcoming updates include: BYOG Library enhancements, a new public room / challenge mode system, Twitch-based features, achievements, and more… check them here on our public roadmap 🛹

Your ideas are always welcome 💡

We are chasing a maximum of ideas and feedback. Please keep sharing them at support@jam.gg or via Discord and we’ll do our best to turn them into new features as soon as possible!

Also introducing our subscriptions plan!

Also, following 2 years of free access and in order to keep investing on new features, on our technological architecture, on our team and on more cool games, Jam is introducing its new subscription service!

As we want a maximum of retro gamers to be able to play together, we made our plans very affordable. For example, in European Countries our service will cost 4.99€/month or only 2.50€/month if you subscribe to the Annual Plan, just enough to pay us a coffee :)

You will find the list of regions we cover and localized prices here.

We are always listening to your comments and suggestions, so don’t hesitate 💪

See you soon on Jam.gg 🎮